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Automation and building control specialists using Relaible Controls products.

We proudly offer the Reliable Controls product line which allows us to be extremely flexible in our automation and building control systems without sacrificing quality. Reliable Controls offers: 5 year warranty on all RC products, promising backward and forward compatibility to assure that your investment is protected, secure encrypted RC-Remote Access, and much more. 

Integration solutions.  Multiple protocols.  Multiple systems.  Relaible Controls.
Integration Solutions

Using RC-WebView, or our MachProWeb, we have the ability to consolidate your system by integrating to existing control systems that communicate using several different protocols, including proprietary ones.  This allows our customers a cost effective way to upgrade building automation systems without having to upgrade every device in the building.  

Energy Management.jpg
Energy Management

Sustainability has become a major focus and driving force for the government as well as many companies.  Using RC Archive and RC Reporter allows our customers to monitor data and make more informed decisions on building operations based on precise analysis of energy usage.

Commercial and residential hvac service installation.  We carry no loyalties to any brand, and are able to provide the best equipment for your needs.
Electrical and lighting installation.  Lighting control.
Reliable controls access control systems give you the ability to integrate into your existing HVAC building controls.
HVAC Service & Installation

We install, service, and replace commercial and residential HVAC systems. We continue to strive to offer our customers the best options for all of their HVAC needs, regardless of the manufacture.

Lighting accounts for 40% (on avg.) total utility cost in commercial settings. We have several options for your lighting and electrical needs.  

RC-Passport and the Mach-Checkpoint offers our customers the ability to bring access control and video management under one operating system. These have the ability to integrate into the customer's existing BACnet BMS.

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